Frock Exchange Party

Swishing in The Hague

Home November 26, 2009

Frock Exchange Party comes to The Hague

Restyle, Exchange, Waste-Not!

The inspiration came from the BBC TV series shown last autumn and hosted by Twiggy, the fashion icon of the sixties. Have fun, yes; but there is a serious message too – why buy new when there is an eco-friendly alternative.  Swishing, as it is now called, started in the US and the UK, and is the latest trend among the fashion-minded women with a conscience, as a reaction to fast cheap fashion, which contributed to labour exploitation in the developing world and an environmental time bomb at home.  Figures suggest that in the UK, each woman spends on average GBP 13, 000 in her lifetime on frocks and shoes that she never wears. And every year about 1 million tonnes of clothes are chucked away, which is 30kg of clothes per person per year; most of them go to landfill, only 16% are re-used. Tens of thousands of recycled clothes are sent to Africa; but even there, many clothes end up on tips.  This export is also having a detrimental effect on Africa’s own textile industry.

Here in NL this is probably the first public swishing party and it certainly won’t be the last. We’re deeply encouraged by the kind words from those who couldn’t make it this time. It has become our “mission” to continue and expand the party in order to share the fun and the wisdom with more women. We look forward to working with other groups/clubs to accomplish this mission.

We would take this opportunity to thank all participants who came and made this event a success, above all for their contribution for enriching our collection of clothing for the party.


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